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It all started with a heartfelt conversation between my dear roommate and me about our moms’ reactions when they found out we were buying them gifts. As we reminisced and laughed about the similarities in our moms’ reactions, we couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of nostalgia and curiosity about their thoughts and feelings as a woman.

As we reflected on our moms’ lives, from their youth to their retirement, we felt a sense of emotional connection and empathy. Even though the relationship between mainland China and Taiwan is fraught with tension and complexities, we know that we share the same cultural background, heritage knowledge, and family values. Despite being separated by political power, our bond simplify as women and daughters is unbreakable.

No politics but politics

晚 宴


research ...

Aroma and flower

step 1

Interviewed people who from mainland China and Taiwan for our common culture, traditional influences and interests in various topic. Also mainly focus on the conversation of our moms.     

Look for the popular and meaningful flower

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Honeysuckle (also called Silver and Gold flower in China), with nice and sweet smell, silver and gold color sharing the same stem, presenting the two locations. It also used as herb for treating cold in Chinese traditional medicine.
Extract essential oil from Honeysuckle and Bamboo for dinner candles.
Familiar smells remind us the home we used to live in back to our hometown. 

Napkin and Table Covers

step 2

Look for traditional text-tile design and technology.

Dyed dinner napkins with the 13 different versions of Chinese character “LOVE” over thousand years. Wax resister dye technic was used . 

Napkin with multiple LOVE s

Hands on each details.


step 3

Food have been such important part in Chinese life, no matter where you come from. Base on transitional Chinese medicine theory, our body’s health influenced by  environment, season, and food. Herb medicine share the same root with food.  

Develop the dinner menu to match with the season, this is what I learned from my mom. Giving everyone the most healthy food. 

Healthy food corporate with the season

漢方 薬膳材料  Materials of the Chinese medicine
_84A4976 copy
Chinese medicine dishes
menu copy 2
IMG_2231 copy
IMG_2261 copy
IMG_2268 copy
IMG_2354 copy
IMG_2362 copy
_84A4994 copy
IMG_2377 copy
DSC_8794 copy
DSC_8778 copy
DSC_8785 copy
IMG_2373 copy
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step 4

Start our conversation, sharing interesting and meaningful point of our mothers who grow in different environment and politic system. 

We discovered so many similar behaviors and emotions from our moms. And fun childhood story and different views about “mothers”, the woman in our family.  

Conversation and Dinner