“My art is Chinese Hotpot dish
– a harmonious blend of unseen and conflict flavors.”

Ashling Han is a multidisciplinary artist working across installation, performance, video, collage, and social engagement. Her work is research-based, it is a journey searching for intersectional identities.

Born and raised in China, Ashling’s formative years were shaped by the constraints of patriarchy, which instilled in her a fierce determination to break free from societal expectations.After graduated from Chongqing Medical University, she worked in the field of biology science, she dutifully fulfilled her role as a good daughter, but her innate curiosity and free spirit beckoned her to seek answers beyond the ordinary.

Leaving her comfort zone behind, Ashling ventured to the U.S, where she embarked on an extraordinary artistic odyssey. Her dedication and talent earned her the highest honor of a scholarship, and in 2023, she proudly graduated with a master’s degree in multidisciplinary art from the prestigious MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art).

Having spent a decade as an immigrant, separated from her family, Ashling’s experiences, especially during the tough times of the Covid period, deepened her awareness of societal tensions. Through her captivating multidisciplinary art, she fearlessly questions the prevailing value system and amplifies the voices of the marginalized, shedding light on women, immigrants, and aging issues.

Her artistic works delve into the intricate dance of achieving self-balance amidst a chaotic world. Addressing themes of trauma and recovery physically and mentally under our current controversial world, her pieces mirror the human struggle of deconstruction and construction, abandonment and reuse, end up to akin to the intricacies of our body’s immune system, achieving balance from struggles and pains.

With a masterful handcraft skillset, Ashling adorns her art with diverse media, exploring various scientific fields and artistic formats to convey her profound concepts and satiate her relentless curiosity. She likens her artistic practice to experiencing a Chinese Hotpot dish – a harmonious blend of unseen and conflict flavors.

Ashling Han’s art is a mesmerizing journey that captivates the senses, invites contemplation, and sparks conversations that transcend borders and boundaries. As she continues to embrace her artistic calling, her work serves as an empowering force, encouraging all to find beauty in the amalgamation of cultures and perspectives, creating a tapestry of shared experiences that unite us all.